Skavlan behind-the-scenes, featuring Ylvis, 2014

"It feels amazing to be able to work with Bård again, nobody can replace the tone we have together

- Vegard Ylvisåker (via ikveldmedylvis) -

"[Trucker’s Hitch] is brilliantly clever and funny. The humor doesn’t only lie in the random lyrics, but also the way they dis the music scene of today with the 3 super overused styles: beginning with country vibe (Mumford and Sons), then having your typical instrumental “one chord only” chorus with the song title repeated after each round (basically every artist today), then having your typical over synthesized breakdown with rap “calling all people” (Pitbull) while someone sings oh’s in the background.

- Hamman Schoonwinkel (x) -


Ylvis med Trucker`s Hitch - live hos Skavlan


prayer circle that Ylvis get to go on Jimmy Fallon again with a proper interview this time

  • Magnus: But probably we're almost finished.
  • Vegard: Well, yeah. From an American perspective we're almost Finnish. We're close.
  • Magnus: That's an amazing joke.