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so I didn’t see this posted anywhere on here yet so just thought I’d share; an article with a short interview with Bjarte in which they mention tumblr


Pranking Charter-Svein - pie in the face, 10.14.14 (English subtitles)

Is it bad I can't pick a favourite from Ylvis? Like even out of Bård, Vegard, Calle and Magnus I can't just pick one I just love them all so much


Lots of people have that problem. And I mean lots.

What does the unknown Ylvis brother say?


Little brother Bjarte Ylvisåker’s first song is already a hit on You Tube.

If you grow up as the younger brother of Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker, you can easily end up in the shadow. At least that’s what younger brother Bjarte (25) claims in the somewhat self-contradicting music video “I will never be a star” which aired on his older brothers’ live talk show on TVNorge Tuesday night.

In a seemingly heartbreaking song Bjarte is singing about never being asked to join his brothers’ fantastic showbiz career.
Now he might get his revenge; in less than 24 hours after being published, “I will never be a star” has already passed 130,000 views on You Tube.

In the chorus Bjarte insists that he’ll never be a star, do a concert or stand alone on a stage. Whether or not he will become a star is still up in the air, but the other unattainable goals have already been reached. When Ylvis did a show in Oslo Spektrum in February, Bjarte did in fact perform “I will never be a star” on stage. Bjarte has also participated in several shows during Ylvis’ live tour this summer. Back then he was also praised for his singing talent by the critics.

Mum Helga Urheim Ylvisåker has of course seen the music video and today she is proud. But Bjarte’s song and dance talent is not surprising.
- He’s always been good at singing and dancing. I have probably got three boys of the same caliber, she says to Dagbladet. She doesn’t think growing up as the younger brother of Bård and Vegard has been easy. - As he became a teenager, his older brothers moved out, so we have felt that he’s been a bit more bored than them whilst growing up, Urheim Ylvisåker says.

His mother thinks he has guts by doing a song like “I will never be a star”. - Of course it’s sporty displaying himself as someone who can never become a star. We hope it’s being percieved correctly, mother Ylvisåker concludes.

Bjarte Ylvisåker is currently busy with his helicopter pilot education in Portland in the US state of Oregon. However, he’s not inexperienced when it comes to stage performance. At 13 years old, he played Dagfinn Lyngbø’s son in the musical “I blanke messingen” at Den Nationale Scene in Bergen.

"So many hits on You Tube, so much to live up to" Bjarte sings. It remains to be seen if Bjarte can live up to his brothers’ notorious fox song. It’s been seen almost half a billion times on You Tube.
Dagbladet has so far not been in touch with Bjarte Ylvisåker himself.


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Apparently Lionsgate are going to collaborate with Ylvis on a project?!?

The relevant part of the interview they’re referring to is here.

Husk å få med deg disse tøysebukkene når de skal tøyse rundt med Ingrid Gjessing Linhave kl. 21.30. #YLVIS

"Bjarte Ylvisåker, ladies and gentlemen! You will not get to see him a lot more in the future, but feel free to follow him on twitter and send him tit pics on snapchat. It will make him very very happy!

- Bård, IKMY 14.10.14 (via fuckyeahylvis) -